Sun., Sept 28 Foray at Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji

Foray Sunday, Sept. 28, 9 AM – Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji.  Our foray will be at Waldsee, the German Village.  The Language Villages are located on County Hwy 20 (also known as the Golf Course Road)  northeast of Bemidji.  (Maps are available at  Click on “Maps to Bemidji, MN site.”)

We will meet first at the parking lot just off of Hwy 20, and proceed from there to Waldsee, the German Village.  There will be signs posted to direct you should you arrive late.

If you would like, bring a lunch along for after the foray.

Report on Sept. 7 Foray and Cooking Demonstration — Bemidji State Park

We had a very successful foray at Bemidji State Park, finding many varieties of mushrooms.


Paula Peters preparing people for the foray

A few of the mushrooms found


Kelly Larson did a fantastic cooking demonstration, preparing a three-course meal. The appetizer consisted of chanterelles sautéed with olive oil and minced shallots and run through a food processor with cream cheese and goat cheese, on crackers, some garnished with fig spread and mango chutney and some garnished with a slice of dried apricot.

Kelly Larson presenting her three-course meal plan Continue reading

Sat., Sept. 21, 9 AM Foray at Concordia Language Villages

We will meet at the parking lot at the entrance to the Concordia Language Villages on County Hwy. 20.  From there we will proceed to Waldsee, the German village, for our foray. Directions:  Hwy. 20 (sometimes called the Golf Course Road) can be reached several miles north of Bemidji. Drive about 6 miles east to the entrance to the Villages, where there is a large parking lot.

If you arrive late and we’ve already driven in, drive into the language villages and bear left to get to Waldsee.  You’ll see a parking lot in front of a large building that has a tunnel through it (it’s called Bahnhof).  Park, and then go to the building and through the tunnel.  There will be tables and chairs set up there for us. (They will be moved into the tunnel in case of rain.)

Bring a lunch with you and we’ll have a picnic there after the foray.

Change in plans

Change in plans:  We will not have the Celebration of Mushrooms Weekend Sept. 6-8, because not enough people signed up.

Sat., Sept.7, 9 AM we will have a foray at Deep Portage.   See Calendar of Forays page (click on “Calendar of Forays” in black banner above, just below the opening photograph).